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2018 CPCU Society Annual Meeting Sessions:


Leadership and
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Emerging Issues
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Claims, Underwriting
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Ethics and

Friday, October 12

7:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. | Registration and Resource Center Open

Registration and Resource Center Open

Saturday, October 13

6:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. | Registration and Resource Center Open

Registration and Resource Center Open

7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. | New Designee Breakfast

Exclusively for our new CPCU designees! Network with CPCU Society volunteer leaders, win great prizes and enjoy a buffet breakfast – all while learning about what the CPCU Society has to offer as you take the next steps in your career.

*By Invitation Only

3:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m. | Doors Open for Conferment Ceremony

Doors Open for Conferment Ceremony

All attendees and guests are invited to celebrate those who have earned their CPCU® designation in the past year. Attendees are encouraged to arrive early.

4:00 p.m.–5:30 p.m. | The Institutes CPCU Conferment Ceremony

Keynote Speaker: Jose “J.R.” Martinez
Actor, Author, Speaker, Veteran

J.R. Martinez is an American actor, author, speaker and veteran who just one month after his deployment to Iraq, hit a roadside bomb and sustained severe burns to over 34 percent of his body. During his recovery, Martinez discovered the positive impact sharing his story could have and has since traveled the world, inspiring others.

J.R. Martinez is best known for his role on All My Children, his participation on Dancing with the Stars and his New York Times’ best seller: Full of Heart: My Story of Survival, Strength and Spirit.

All Annual Meeting attendees are welcome to celebrate our new designees at The Institutes’ CPCU Conferment Ceremony on Saturday, October 13. Doors will open at 3:00 p.m., and the ceremony will begin promptly at 4:00 p.m. We encourage you to arrive early. Seating is open to all attendees and guests; there is no designated seating area for new designees.

Sponsored by State Farm

5:30 p.m.–7:30 p.m. | Conferment Congratulatory Reception

Continue the evening’s festivities at Petco Park, known as “the world’s best ballpark in America’s finest city” and home of the San Diego Padres, as we celebrate our newest CPCUs!

Sunday, October 14

6:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m. | Registration and Resource Center Open

Registration and Resource Center Open

7:00 a.m.–8:00 a.m. | Breakfast


Complimentary continental breakfast for registered attendees

8:00 a.m.–9:00 a.m. | Opening Session: Kevin Mitnick, Cyber Security Expert

Opening General Session Speaker: Kevin Mitnick
Hacker and Cyber Security Expert

Kevin Mitnick is a world-famous cyber security expert, as well as global best-selling author. At the 2018 CPCU Society Annual Meeting, Mitnick will illustrate how hackers think and work through a live hacking demonstration. Be prepared to leave with newfound knowledge on online threats and risks you weren’t even aware existed!

9:15 a.m.–10:15 a.m. | Concurrent Educational Sessions

How the Blockchain Will Revolutionize Insurance

Speaker: Patrick G. Schmid, The Institutes

The blockchain.  The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal say it may disrupt financial service industries and revolutionize the world economy. Learn how in this session, which will cover the history of the blockchain, its economic and technological underpinnings, and its ability to affect the future of risk management and insurance.

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The Evolving Home-Based Business and How to Insure It

Speakers: Derek Lacy, Bowen, Miclette & Britt Insurance Agency | Richard Walsh Jr., The Motorist Insurance Group

This interactive session will consider future opportunities, loss exposures and corresponding coverages for the evolving home-based business market. Speakers will poll the audience, discuss the future state of mobility and insurance, and delve into telecommuting, cyber liability, auto-related risks and the impact of Generation Z.

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From Seed to Smoke: How the Marijuana Industry Affects Insurance

Speaker: William Mauro, Insurance Services Office, Inc.

As new laws emerge around the commercialization of marijuana and its use across North America, a burgeoning market continues to evolve—one characterized by high risk and uncertainty. This session will explore risks along the marijuana supply chain and highlight new exposures insurers may face.

The Insurer’s Duty to Make Reasonable Settlement Decisions

Speakers: Mark M. Bell, Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP | Drew Warth, Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP

Can insurers contest the reasonableness of a settlement decision after denying coverage? This session will discuss the doctrine of an insurer’s duty to make reasonable settlement decisions and the far-reaching implications of proposed changes to this doctrine.

10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. | Concurrent Educational Sessions

Leveraging Your In-Company Reputation and Star Power with “Acebook”

Speaker: Azsure Dorton, State Farm

Facebook is fun and may serve as a vehicle for publicizing your personal successes, but what you need to succeed in your career is Acebook—a way to capture your professional wins and solidify your standing as a star employee. Back by popular demand, this session will help you learn how to record and communicate your business achievements to build a strong internal resume and ensure strong results at your next performance review.

Mitigating Catastrophes through Stronger Building Codes

Speakers: Andrew Huff, NAMIC | Edward Laatsch, FEMA

The Build Strong Coalition (BSC) is a group of firefighters, insurers, engineers, architects, consumer organizations and others that is leading the effort to ensure stronger, safer buildings. At this session, learn more about BSC’s mission and how improved statewide building codes can reduce the loss of life and structural damage resulting from windstorms, wildfires and other catastrophes. Attendees will also learn about FEMA’s Building Science branch which develops mitigation guidance that focuses on creating disaster-resilient communities.

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Cyber Risk and Cyber Insurance: One Step Ahead of the Evolving Threat

Speaker: James Hajjar, Hartford Steam Boiler

This session will explore the evolution of cyber insurance, the current state of the market, trends that influence purchasing habits and emerging cyber risks. We will examine how the increasing interconnectedness of physical devices and networks is increasing exposure to both businesses and consumers.

Sponsored by IRMI

Generation Vexed: Busting Workplace Demographics Myths

Speaker: Marty Frappolli, The Institutes | Abi Clough, MetLife Auto & Home

This session will expose the myths and reveal common ground among members of Generation Y, Generation X, millennials, baby boomers, and the Greatest Generation. Might today’s boomer have once embodied the sentiments of a millennial? How can we separate facts from myths and use that information for a more productive workplace?

Sponsored by Olivet College

11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. | Lunch


Complimentary lunch buffet for registered attendees

Knowledge Bytes

  • 11:45 a.m. | Blockchain Overview
    Speaker: Patrick Schmid, The Institutes RiskBlock Alliance
  • 12:10 p.m. | Mentoring (Mentor and Mentee)
    Speaker: Kellie Goldfien, Willis Towers Watson

12:30 p.m.–2:15 p.m. | Concurrent Educational Sessions

Is Your Home Smarter Than You?

Speakers: Robin Olson, International Risk Management Institute | Richard F. Walsh, Jr., Motorists Insurance Group

Smart-home technologies continue to evolve as new tech toys are constantly emerging. This session will introduce you to the modern insurance issues and opportunities associated with “connected home” technology. Learn how your home may be smarter than you—and the related implications for insurers and insurance professionals.

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Breaking Down Virtual Walls: Leading and Motivating Remote Team Members

Speakers: Denise Brown, InterWest Insurance Services, Inc. | Rita Williams-Bogar, Personal Development Solutions, LLC

Have you been tasked with leading or participating on a remote team? This workshop will serve as a forum for a facilitator-led idea exchange about geographically dispersed teams, ranging from work groups to CPCU Society interest groups. Participants will identify the challenges of engaging remote teams, share success strategies, and codify best practices for remote team leaders and members.

The Emerging U.S. Flood Market

Speakers: Howard Kunst, Core Logic | Carla D’Andre, D’Andre Insurance Group, Inc. | Marc Treacy, ISO

In early 2018, Congress reauthorized the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) through July 31, 2018. Congress must now renew the NFIP’s authority to operate beyond that date. More than 50 years after private insurers abandoned the residential flood market, and with the NFIP $25 billion in debt, Congress could take steps to move many of the over 5 million NFIP policies in force to private insurers. This session will update you on the re-authorization, the prospects for private flood insurance and new methods for assessing flood exposure.

Vacation Calamity 3: Adventures on the Road to San Diego

Speakers: Peter Marchel, Marchel & Associates Risk Consulting | Michael Gay, Volvo Financial Services | Paul Rosner, Soha & Lang, P.S. |  Harold Weston, Georgia State University

Join us for a tale of a fictional group traveling to San Diego, CA for The Institutes CPCU Society Annual Meeting. The group encounters misfortunes and accidents along the way, including at an amusement park, on an aerial tramway, and from an Airbnb stay gone bad. The panel will discuss the legal issues and apply policy provisions.

2:30 p.m.–3:30 p.m. | Concurrent Educational Sessions

Increasing the Adoption of Data Analytics in Core Insurance Functions

Speakers: Michael W. Elliott, The Institutes | Mike Fitzgerald, Celent

Data analytics is a major investment area for insurers. And while it promises significant return on this investment, adoption is key for success. This session will present practical steps insurers can take to increase the usage and effectiveness of data analytics. Attendees will learn the results of a Celent/The Institutes report, which analyzes the data analytics needs of property-casualty insurance professionals; key trends in big data and technology; adoption efforts across the industry; and the application of various predictive modeling techniques, such as link analysis, classification analysis, text mining and social network analysis through claims and underwriting cases.

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Sponsored by Millennium Information Services

Lloyd’s City Risk Index: Assessing the Impact of Natural and Man-made Threats on the World’s Economies

Speakers: Hank Watkins, Lloyd’s

The Lloyd’s City Risk Index is used by risk management professionals and public private partnerships around the world to quantify the impact of multiple threats to the cities they live and work in. Speakers at this session will examine the economic exposure of 279 cities around the world, including San Diego, to 22 specific threats and discuss how we can use the findings to improve resilience, mitigate risk and protect infrastructure.

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Get Ready: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Will Change Your Book of Business

Speakers: Charlie Kingdollar, Gen Re

Join us to examine how advances in artificial intelligence and robotics will affect risk by line of business such as workers compensation and general liability. How will these changes disrupt your book of business?

2:30 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. | Educational Session

Bad Faith Nightmares: Recent Trends and Themes

Speakers: Denise Brown, InterWest Insurance Services, Inc.  | Ulises Castellon, Fire Cause Analysis | Paul Rosner, Soha & Lang, P.S.

We’ve all read about them—those well-publicized, big-hit bad-faith cases. What went wrong? And what can you do to prevent being in the next headline? This interactive session examines real-life cases to explore the errors and issues that led to some of the industry’s most troubling bad-faith losses. Participants will gain knowledge about the current bad-faith landscape and the increasingly common attacks used by plaintiffs, as well as practical tips to help them avoid some dangerous pitfalls.

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Monday, October 15

6:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m. | Registration and Resource Center Open

Registration and Resource Center Open

7:00 a.m.–8:00 a.m. | Breakfast


Complimentary continental breakfast served in Veracruz Hall for registered attendees

7:00 a.m.–8:00 a.m. | Hot Topic: Preparing for the Tsunami: The Insurance Industry and the Next Explosion of Data and IoT

Each year, more and more connected devices are providing real-time data about consumers, vehicles, businesses, homes and our environment. The volume of that data is multiplying—with estimates at 194,000 exabytes by 2020. Join this session to discuss the industry’s preparedness for the Internet of Things, along with ways the data influx will affect carriers’ business strategies and infrastructure.

Moderator: Dan Davis, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Preregistration Required
Sponsored by LexisNexis Risk Solutions

8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. | Concurrent Educational Sessions

Enhancing Your Personal Brand

Speakers: Jeffrey P. Gagnon, Amica Insurance Mutual Company | Samuel Palmisano, Amica Insurance Mutual Company

High-profile companies shape their brands through the actions and affiliations the public perceives every day. They spend considerable time and resources defining their brands and strategically creating opportunities to enhance them. But how often do we take the time to enhance our personal brands? This session explores the personal brand and how it can affect your image, career and reputation at your company.

The Opioid Epidemic and Casualty Insurance: Prescription for Crisis

Speaker: Terri A. Sutton, Cozen O’Connor

Government-filed lawsuits against pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors seek to recover the immense economic costs left by the opioid epidemic. In this session, we’ll look at the general liability and excess casualty exposures and coverage issues related to these lawsuits.

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What Every Agent and Broker Needs to Know About International Insurance

Speakers: Michael E. “Mickey” Brown, Marsh USA, Inc. | Alexander Frost, Axco Insurance Information Services | Elaine George, Chubb

The insurance industry offers global solutions to facilitate managing your clients’ international risk transfer needs.  This session is designed to show agents and brokers how to structure a property-casualty insurance program for U.S. companies doing business abroad.  Attendees will learn the essentials of designing a controlled master insurance program, complying with foreign country regulations, and understanding international insurance fundamentals.

8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. | Educational Session

Ethics: It’s a Hard World After All

Speakers: Kate Goering, State Farm Insurance |  Mark McDonnell, Vermont Mutual Insurance Group | Jennifer Pashby, Liberty Mutual

Ethics are at the core of the CPCU designation, and every day, CPCUs face potential ethical dilemmas in their insurance and risk management workplaces. This session will introduce you to real-life ethical challenges, through a series of situational vignettes focused on insurance industry operations. Expect lively discussion and varied opinions, as the issues presented will offer no easy answers.

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9:15 a.m.–10:15 a.m. | Concurrent Educational Sessions

Which Insurance Jobs Survive after the Robots Arrive?

Speaker: Clive O’Connell, McCarthy Denning

We hear much about technology that will replace people, but little about what displaced people will do after the robots arrive. How can insurance professionals ensure they will continue to work in the industry of the future? How can employers maintain the expertise of their highly trained staff? The threats to jobs are clear, but what are the opportunities? Attend this session for answers to these and other questions related to job security amid changes to the insurance industry.

Telematics: How the Connected Car Will Help Drivers, Agents, and Insurers

Speaker: Steven Fernandes, Octo Telematics North America

Beyond assessing driver risk, telematics can improve customer experience and change insurance from reactive to proactive.  This session will use a case study to provide insights and practical tips on why and how to implement a telematics program for vehicle health and maintenance, fuel conservation, crash and claim on-demand assistance, and fraud reduction.

Safe Tech: New Science for Risk Assessment and Control

Speakers: Denise Brown, InterWest Insurance Services, Inc. | Paul Samson, Berkley Agribusiness Risk Specialists

A (not so) long time ago in a galaxy (not so) far away, loss control reps were equipped with only a camera and pen. We’ll explore the emerging risk assessment technologies that are transforming how we can combat the sinister hazards plaguing insureds and insurers.

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10:30 a.m.–11:30 a.m. | Concurrent Educational Sessions

Vehicle Safety and Advances in Automotive Technology

Speaker: Matt Moore, Highway Loss Data Institute

This session will focus on the technology required for autonomous cars. The presenter will examine real-life claims to assess the impact on auto insurance and explore how fast changes are being made—which is perhaps more slowly than often reported. The presenter will also share vehicle video footage to demonstrate the drivers’ experiences in high-tech vehicles.

Will Technology Grow or Destroy the Value of Agents and Brokers?

Speakers: Thomas Ahart, Ahart, Frinzi & Smith Insurance | Mary Eisenhart Belka, Eisenhart Consulting Group | Sharon Koches, Managing Performance, LLC.

Technologies like the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence promise to disrupt the agent/broker world. Is insurtech our partner or a competitor?  Past IIABA Chair Tom Ahart, who has testified in Congress, and Mary Eisenhart Belka, CEO of Eisenhart Consulting Group, share recommendations for engaging agents/brokers and how our value proposition evolves.

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The Impact of Climate Change: Measuring Uncertainty

Speaker: Michael E. Angelina, Saint Joseph’s University

Climate change is shaking up traditional risk management methods. Hear a member of the Casualty Actuarial Society discuss common misconceptions about climate risk, tools and resources for quantifying climate change hazards, and examples of how traditional risk management applies under climate change. Learn about the recently launched Actuaries Climate Index, which uses public data to provide objective statistics showing the impact of climate change by focusing on extreme weather events and sea levels.

11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. | Lunch


Complimentary lunch buffet served  for registered attendees

Knowledge Bytes

  • 11:45 a.m. | Career Advancement 
    Speaker: Gabriela F. Dominguez, Avante Insurance Agency
  • 12:10 p.m. | From Everest to Arsonist, Suicide in the Courtroom
    Speaker: Ulises Castellon, Fire Cause Analysis

11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. | Hot Topic: The Total Telematics Experience

Telematics has been synonymous with usage-based insurance (UBI) since being introduced to the North American market. While this innovation in risk identification and pricing is impressive – proponents of telematics have called driver behavior scoring the greatest innovation in the history of underwriting – it only scratches the surface of the total telematics experience. Telematics has the greatest impact when it is also integrated into the claims process, enabling data-driven capabilities such as crash detection, instant first notice of loss, and crash reconstruction. This session will explore lessons learned from first-movers in usage-based insurance, early results from telematics-driven claims organizations, the technology needed for claims-ready telematics data, and strategies to overcome the challenges facing insurers pursuing telematics-driven claims.

Pre-registration required.
Lunch will be served in session room.

12:30 p.m.–2:15 p.m. | Concurrent Educational Sessions

Youth Sports Concussions: Risk Management and Liability Issues

Speakers: Rudy Castellani, MD, Western Michigan University School of Medicine | Anthony Corleto, JD | Cynthia LaBella, MD, Institute for Sports Medicine at Lurie Children’s Hospital

The medical concerns and media focus around concussions in amateur sports have been literal game changers for young athletes. In this session, a pediatric sports medicine physician, a neuropathologist and an attorney will focus on the medical research, risk management action steps, and education of those who manage or are exposed to concussions within youth sports organizations.

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Mock Summary Judgment and Appeal: Wind, Water & Worse

Speakers: Vincent Boylan, Boylan Consulting | Michael Gay, Volvo Financial Services | Peter Marchel, Marchel Risk Consulting, LLC | Julie Moore, USAA | James Nolan, Smith, Rolfes, & Skavdahl Company, L.P.A. |  Christine Sullivan, CAS Consulting, LLC | George M. Wallace, Wallace, Brown & Schwartz

Enjoy a bit of old-fashioned theater at the Annual Meeting during this mock trial, based on an actual case. You will witness a rousing dramatization of an argument around a motion for summary judgment in the trial court and an appeal by the losing party before three appellate justices. In the process, you will learn about the mechanics of insurance coverage litigation, how legal issues are framed and preserved, the differences between trial and appellate courts, and the way in which those courts analyze coverage disputes, as well as about the range of issues and policy provisions that lead to coverage determinations in multiparty, multicausal losses.

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What You Don’t Know About Wildfires … Can Cost You

Speakers: Pat Durland, Stone Creek Fire LLC | Faith Ann Heinsch, S&K Global Solutions

An expert in wildfire mitigation and a scientist focused on wildland fire behavior and danger rating will distinguish between the myths and realities of wildfires. The presenters will examine the effects of climate trends, review the mechanics of structural wildfire losses, and explain how wildfire loss exposures can be quantified and wildfire losses mitigated.

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Cyber Risk Insurance: Today’s Landscape and Future Projections

Speakers: Libby Benet | Dan Navarro | Michael Wilcox, Cisco

A diverse panel of experts will give an overview of cyber risk insurance and the current landscape from the points of view of insurers and IT security. We’ll include a moderated Q&A segment to address coverages, cyber risk mitigation, preparation for a cyber breach, and a look at the future of cyber risk management.

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2:30 p.m.–3:30 p.m. | General Session: InsurTech Rising – Staying Agile in a Digital World

General Session: InsurTech Rising – Staying Agile in a Digital World

Moderator: Peter L. Miller, CPCU, The Institutes

Speakers: Andrew Breen, Argo Group | Robin Smith, WeGoLook | Mark Purowitz, Deloitte Consulting LLP.

InsurTech is here and driving unprecedented change in the insurance industry. Today’s insurance professionals have access to a host of technological tools and data on which to make decisions and create both efficiencies and savings for clients. At this session, a panel of experts will discuss the latest innovations enabling data capture, data storage and data analytics and examine how these technologies are shaping the insurance industry’s future.

Tuesday, October 16

6:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. | Registration and Resource Center Open

Registration and Resource Center Open

7:00 a.m.–8:00 a.m. | Breakfast


Complimentary continental breakfast served for registered attendees

7:00 a.m.–8:00 a.m. | Hot Topic: Don’t Get Burned - Take a Data-Driven Approach to More Accurately Rate Local Fire Responses

Home insurers face a number of pain points when it comes to accurately rating and underwriting local fire response capabilities. In this session, we will discuss strategies for improving your homeowners pricing and underwriting, including use of cutting-edge geo-spatial technology, historic fire department responses, realistic drive times from the responding fire station, historic loss data and much more. Join us to share best practices and gain a better understanding of new data-driven methodology for measuring fire risk.

Moderator: Tyson Horn, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Preregistration Required
Sponsored by LexisNexis Risk Solutions

8:00 a.m.–9:00 a.m. | Concurrent Educational Sessions

10 Habits of Highly Effective Adjusters: Handling Coverage Issues

Speakers: Caron Paixao, Federated Mutual Insurance Co. | Kevin Quinley, Quinley Risk Associates, LLC.

Coverage is the bedrock of sound claims handling. Get it right, and you have satisfied customers and enhanced brand equity. Fail, and you face customer dissatisfaction, lost business and maybe even bad-faith lawsuits. This session spotlights ten habits for claims professionals to adopt to maximize success when handling all-important coverage issues.

Sponsored by Germania Insurance

Hailstorms and Hailstones: Challenges and Opportunities

Speakers: Rob Galbraith, USAA | Dr. Ian Giammanco

With increasing frequency and severity, hailstorms cause significant damage to homes and autos. This session will increase your understanding of hail losses as well as the related challenges for claims, underwriting and response operations. Additionally, we will delve into research regarding hail swaths and field measurements, and discuss the effect of contractors, previous damage, and aging building materials.

8:00 a.m.–9:45 a.m. | Educational Session

Insurtech: Disrupting Underwriting, Sales, Service, and Claims

Speakers: James Callahan, Mutual Boiler Re | Kelly Cusick, Deloitte | Christopher Hampshire, Gallagher Bassett Services

By embracing technology, insurtechs and established carriers alike are applying innovative solutions to core insurance functions. These solutions will fundamentally change how insurance organizations of the future assess and price risk, sell and service their products, and process and pay their claims. Attend this session to learn how.

8:00 a.m.–10:00 a.m. | Educational Session

Game On – Test Your Insurance Regulatory Knowledge

Speakers: Joe Bieniek, First Consulting & Administration, Inc. | Eric Nordman, National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) | David Keleher, National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)

Back by popular demand once again, this interactive session will challenge you to test your knowledge of the insurance industry. In the process, you will discover how current events are affecting the industry, what trends are imminent, the history of regulation in the United States and the future outlook of the industry overall. Attendees will learn, laugh and compete for bragging rights and prizes in this yearly favorite.

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9:15 a.m.–10:15 a.m. | Concurrent Educational Sessions

Eyes in the Sky: Insurance and Risk Management for Drones

Speaker: David B. Hampson, Schrager Hampson Aviation Insurance Agency

Drones are a hot topic in the insurance industry, with vast accompanying risks. This session, presented by an insurance broker and pilot specializing in aviation insurance, will explore these risks, as well as current best practices in risk management, and delve into aviation insurance products and coverages available to transfer drone-related risks.

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Archetypes and Leadership: What Every Leader Must Know

Speaker: Kathleen Winsor-Games, The Winsor Group

This session will use relatable examples of familiar characters from film and literature to explore six leadership archetypes and the role they play in conducting business. By examining the pros and cons of each archetype, you will come away with tools to boost your effectiveness, tap into your full leadership potential, and tap the full potential of your team.

Sponsored by New York Mutual Underwriters

10:30 a.m.–11:30 a.m. | Concurrent Educational Sessions

Network Beyond Bias: Break Out, Break In, and Break Through

Speaker: Amy Waninger

Is your professional network as diverse as the workforce and community around you? If not, you could be missing important opportunities for your career and company.  This session will help you remove the artificial – and likely subconscious – barriers that may be keeping you from your next mentor, star hire or big customer.

Underwriters, Actuaries, and Predictive Analytics: Keys to Successful Collaboration

Speaker: Kimberly Holmes,  XL Catlin

Quantitative analysis—and increasingly predictive analytics—is a key part of successful underwriting. Discover how to get the most out of analytics by effectively working with your actuarial team. Hear from a senior vice president of strategic analytics and credentialed actuary about how actuaries and underwriters collaborate to define actionable output, differentiate signals from noise and overcome difficulties in moving down the continuum toward increasingly data-driven decisions.

Compliance Strategies for Implementing Insurtech

Speaker: James Gnokos, Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr, LLP

Insurtech is both a disruptive force and a powerful enabler for incumbent insurers to achieve new capabilities, reduce friction, and stay competitive. However, industry leaders cite regulation as the most significant obstacle to implementing new technology. This session will provide strategies that forward-thinking insurance leaders can use to understand Insurtech and clear the regulatory hurdles.

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11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. | Lunch


Complimentary lunch buffet served for registered attendees

Knowledge Bytes

  • 11:45 a.m. | The 3 P’s: Prevention, Protection and Price
    Speaker: Richard Coskren, Polestar Performance Programs, Inc.
  • 12:10 p.m. | The Connected Risk Ecosystem
    Speaker: Mike Elliott, The Institutes

12:45 p.m.–2:00 p.m. | Closing General Session: Jennifer Brown

General Session Speaker: Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown is an award-winning entrepreneur and Fortune 500 consultant on changing demographics including women, people of color, LGBT individuals, multi-generations, and the role of male leaders in change efforts. Her keynote will inspire you to find your voice and be the driving force in creating a healthier, more productive workplace. After, join us for a CPCU celebration as we conclude the Annual Meeting with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

Co-Sponsored by Erie Insurance, Travelers and USAA

2:00 p.m.–3:30 p.m. | Celebration of Diversity Reception Embrace Our Differences. Inspire Others. Lead to the Future.

Join us for a CPCU® celebration, as we come together to show our support and commitment to embracing change, diversity and inclusion in our industry. End your 2018 CPCU Society Annual Meeting adventure with a bang as we celebrate all of our CPCU designees and the diverse work our members do as leaders in the insurance industry. Embrace our differences, inspire others and lead to the future!

Network with colleagues from all around the world and form lasting professional connections while enjoying cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. All 2018 CPCU Society Annual Meeting attendees and their guests are invited.

Co-Sponsored by Erie Insurance, Travelers and USAA